Heart of Country - American Country Antiques Show
Heart of Country Feb. 2-4, 2012 Horse weathervane
Heart of Country is pleased to announce that Craters & Freighters is the official shipping
partner of the Show.  Craters & Freighters is an expert packaging, crating, and shipping company specializing in the transport of art and antiques furniture and accessories across the country. For more information, call (314) 770-0855 or visit cratersandfreightersstlouis.com.

We are proud to announce this growing list to date of outstanding dealers who have secured their place at the 2014 Heart of Country Antiques Show.

We welcome exhibitor inquiries. If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor at Heart of Country, please contact us, and we will be glad to provide application information.


AdLib Antiques (NC)
Antiques & Collectibles National Association
Antiques on the Square (PA)
B. Hannah Daniel Antiques (AL)
Barometer Fair Antiques (FL)
Bettianne Sweeney Americana (VA)
Bettina Krainin (CT)
Betty Fuss Antique Jewelry (MS)
Bill Kelly Antiques (ME)
Bruce Rigsby (KY)
Buckingham Antiques (TX)
Bud Weinert Antiques (MI)
Cabin On The Hill (TX)
Cat's Cradle Antiques (UT)
Charlie Casper (NC)
Chuck White Folk Art & Antiques (NY)
City Mouse Country Mouse Antiques (OH)
Colleen Frese Antiques (IA)
Country Huzzah Antiques (VA)
Country Treasures (MD)
David Drummond Antiques (PA)
David Duggin Antiques (TN)
David H. Horst Antiques (PA)
Dennis Raleigh Antiques (ME)
Don Williams (MO)
Douglas R. Wyant (MI)
Dover House (KY)
Edward Steckler & Patricia Cobb (MI)
Finish Line Collectibles (PA)
Frances Crespo Folk Art & Antiques (NJ)
Frank Gaglio Antiques (NY)
Hannah Humes (OH)
Harold Cole (CT)
Harper Antiques (TX)
Harvey Antiques (IL)
Historical Americana (GA)
Jack Tom Navajo Jewelry (AZ)
Jane Langol Antiques (OH)
Jim Hohenwald/Bob Jessen (NH)
Joe & Bobbie Fionda Antiques (NH)
Klint Griffin Antiques (TN)
Latcham House Antiques (OH)
Mad Anthony Booksellers (MI)
Maine Antiques Digest (ME)


Mario Pollo (NY)
Mary De Buhr Antiques (IL)
Matthew Ehlesman Antiques (OH)
Melvyn and Bette Wolf (MI)
Michael Hall Antiques (TN)
Michael Whittemore Antiques & Folk Art (FL)
Miller House Antiques (OH)
Missouri Plain Folk (MO)
Mongenas Antiques (OH)
Mountain Lodge Antiques (CO)
Munday & Munday Antiques (IL)
Nancy Fishelson Antiques (NY) 
Neverbird Antiques (VA)
Old Town Antiques (IL)
Pam & Gary Voyles Antiques (IL)
Perkins & Menson Antiques (MA)
Phil & Jeane Jessee Antiques (OH)
Raccoon Creek Antiques (PA)
Richard Fuller Antiques (VT)
Rick Setser Antiques (GA)
Richmond House Antiques (CT)
Riverwood Terrace (WI)
Robert Perry Antiques (NY)
Ron Christman Art & Antiques (WI)
Sandmark Antiques (VT)
Schoolhouse Antiques (MO)
Shaia Oriental Rugs (VA)
Sharon & Claude Baker (OH)
Sheffield Antiques (TX)
Sherman Alden Antiques (MA)
Simply Iowa (IA)
Sonny Ideker Rare & Vintage Books (GA)
Sport and Spool Antiques (NC)
Stanford Fine Art (TN)
Steve Smoot Antiques & Navajo Textiles (PA)
Stonecrop Antiques (VA)
Suzanne Baker Antiques (IN)
Tex Johnson & Son Antiques (PA)
Thomas Good Antiques (WI)
Thurston Nichols Antiques (PA)
Timber River Farm (CAN)
Weaver Road Antiques (MO)
White and White Interiors (NY)
White's Nautical Antiques (ME)
Woody Straub Antiques & Art (FL)

Under $200 Booth